Jess Long - Instructor

About Jess

I started my fitness journey like many others, wanting to lose some weight to feel comfortable in my own skin. I was so nervous to join a gym that I started doing bootcamps from the comfort of my living room, as my confidence grew and the pounds fell from me, I made the leap to join a gym and my love for fitness grew in leaps and bounds from there. I found myself attending more classes and then my passion for lifting weights and defining my body really came into its own. I knew that my passion for helping others to achieve their own goals was the way forward and I gained my level 3 personal training qualifications, really honing in on female fat loss and body transformations. Always wanting to progress and keep adding more and more services to my clients I went on to become a pilates instructor to then enable that I am forever evolving.


T: 07796 694203


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