Dev Raghwani - Instructor

About Dev

I graduated from University with an Honours Degree in Sports Therapy. In the past, I worked with a Women’s’ Football team, after which I worked with clients on a 1:1 basis. I have always had a keen interest in how the body works, but also in what causes problems in how our bodies move. I took to studying Sports Therapy as it gave me the knowledge I would need, to help those who crossed my path with an injury or dysfunction that they struggled with. I now work at Chilli Pilates as a Reformer Pilates Instructor and a Sports Therapist, providing 1:1 services in both Reformer Pilates and Sports Therapy. I can assess, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate injuries and dysfunctions. I also provide personalised exercise plans that can, with the aid of treatments bring you back to your optimum performance, be it in a sporting situation or in recreational form. My aim as a Sports Therapist is to treat you but also train your body to help reduce the chances of you suffering from the same injury or dysfunction again. As a Reformer Pilates Instructor, I can provide 1:1 sessions which work towards postural improvement, strengthening your core or working on muscle tone. Come to me with a problem and together we can find a solution that we can work towards.

Tel: 07510 986033

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