Cat Dobrinescu - Instructor

About Cat

My journey started when I moved away from my hometown to further my studies, starting to become more concerned about my own health and well-being in the long term. The thought of becoming a doctor was very appealing to me so I decided to take anatomy and physics lessons with a tutor without realising that this would help me in the future. My best friends happened to be fitness instructors and that was a new way to light up an old flame, slowly falling in love with teaching, fitness events and a sense of a community.


That’s when I decided to move abroad and get a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training with YMCA Fitness Industry where I studied anatomy & physiology, nutrition, programming and personal training; learning how to apply all my knowledge to training in different environments. After working for different gyms, I was keen to push my skills to the next level and this is when I found Chilli Pilates.


I love helping people reach their goals, guiding them throughout their journeys through movement and lifestyle changes before we both cheer at the finish line. I believe that consistency is paramount in achieving results, whether it’s weight loss, mobility, flexibility, strength or injury prevention. I specialize in building strength, improving posture and mobility along with managing body composition through multiple methods of training including Reformer Pilates.


Contact details:


T 07708 745348


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