Becca Balch - Instructor

About Becca

I love sports, going to the gym and being helpful is in my human nature. My sister is a child nurse and I found that I wanted to do something similar but still be true to my passion. My friend got injured in college and I found out it was a sports therapist who was “fixing” her. After a lot of research I definitely knew I wanted this as a career as it catered to my love for sports and the drive I have to help people.


After achieving a BSc Sports Therapy degree and being a football and rugby club therapist, I gained valuable knowledge and experiences which I apply in daily practices now. I love seeing the journey people take from the start of their musculoskeletal injury to reaching their full ability and health or even better than they was prior to injury, using rehabilitation as well as massage and mobilisation techniques.


Being at Chilli Pilates has been eye opening. Reformer Pilates works hand in hand with rehabilitation. It has the same principles of being in control of a movement, working different parts of the body and the importance of technique and core engagement.


I’m a therapist and most importantly a friend. I listen to people, give advice because I do care about every individual and want to see them progress to reach their full potential and beyond.

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