Ali Asid - Instructor

About Ali

Sports and fitness have a major part of my life since childhood. I have been boxing and training in martial arts from a young age; I love the transformation it has on the body and the discipline it instils in you.


I developed a keen interest in deep tissue and sports massage whilst studying for my Sports Therapy Degree at University, as well as broadening my knowledges of human anatomy, how the body functions and learning how to perform postural assessments. Once completing my BSc (Hons), I worked as a lecturer at a local college where I taught units such as sports massage and advanced soft tissue techniques, alongside studying for my PGCE.


After suffering from having two prolapsed discs in my lower back, which have caused me issues for the past 5 years, I decided to begin practicing Pilates, in order to help strengthen my lower back. I have seen the effects and benefits that Pilates has had on my body and how it has helped to strengthen and improve my lower back.


This experience has strengthened my passion for improving my own personal fitness but also propelled my desire to help others follow in my footsteps and start making their own change.


Contact details:


T: 07387716490

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