• 1. Tone your whole body.

    Reformer Bed Pilates challenges your muscles to move against resistance, this generates tensile forces in your muscles. Through repetition and by gradually increasing the resistance you will develop firmer more toned muscles.

  • 2. Improve your Posture.

    Every Pilates exercise you do will have a postural benefit; due to the combination of challenging your strength and flexibility Pilates will develop muscular balance in your joints which will improve your posture and reduce your likeliness of injury.

  • 3. Reduce Stress.

    A stressful mind is often a reflection of how your body feels, so just by stretching and moving, your muscles will relax and release tension this will allow you to feel more comfortable, and naturally this will allow your mind to relax and unwind.

  • 4. Become More Flexible.

    Pilates promotes three dimensional movements, this challenges the length and elasticity of your muscles and encourages your joints to be able to move through the greatest possible range of movement.

  • 5. Develop Core Strength.

    Your core is the combination of muscles that support your spine and torso, these muscles form the foundation for all movements. A weak core causes instability and reliance on dominant muscles, overtime this will inhibit flexibility, reduce range of movement and ultimately cause injury. Pilates promotes core activation and engages all of your postural muscles leading to more stable and powerful movements.

  • 6. Be Longer and Leaner

    Practising Pilates regularly will transform your body. The quick sequences of challenging exercises will promote weight loss and give you longer, stronger and more toned muscles. Helping you to feel and look fitter and healthier.

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