Joint Memberships

Joint Memberships are an easy way to enjoy Pilates with a friend or family member and save money on your Monthly Payments.

How does it work…

It’s simple; rather than paying for a Membership each, you share a 2, 3 or 4 class per week Membership together.


To apply for a Joint Membership please complete the below form:

Terms & Conditions

    1. Joint Memberships are only available for 2 or more class per week Memberships.
    2. One Member must be assigned as the primary Membership holder and all classes and Payments will be assigned to this Members account.
    3. Chilli Pilates does not take any responsibility for the equal sharing of classes or the reimbursement of any payments between the Members.
    4. All normal Membership Terms and Conditions apply.
    5. If inviting a non-member their first class must be booked as a Taster Class and requires 90 minutes.
    6. Taster Class can be attended at all 5 studio locations – Find your local studio.
    7. Must be able to cope with moderate exercise, not advised if you have any existing injuries.
    8. Classes are non-transferable.



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