Introduce a friend


Create your own personal invite link: 

Enter your details below and it will generate a unique invite link that you can share with all of your friends & family.

Please enter your surname as it appears on your Chilli Pilates account.
Please use the mobile number that is saved on your Chilli Pilates account.


What your friend will receive:

  • An invite to book their first class for FREE.
  • £25 off their first membership payment or Class Pack purchase.

What’s in it for you:

  • When your friend applies their £25 discount you will receive £25 off your next membership payment or Class Pack purchase or £25 to spend at the Chilli Pilates shop.


Terms & Conditions

  1. You have to be an existing member to qualify for our ‘Introduce a Friend’ reward scheme.
  2. It does not apply if you are attending a class for the first time with a friend.



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