House Rules

Personal belongings – Please store all coats, bags, mobile phones, umbrellas, outside shoes and other non-essential personal belongings in the storage area provided before your class. This is to keep the facilities that you work out in clean and tidy free from clutter and external dirt.

Timekeeping – Please ensure that you arrive promptly for your class and that you join it at the appropriate start time, on time.  If you are more than 5 minutes late for your class the Teacher will be unable to allow you to join the class. This is for insurance purposes as you will have missed an essential part of the class which is the warm up and risk a potential injury. If you miss the warm up you could get hurt.

Children – Under 16’s are not allowed in the Studios or Therapy area at any time even if they are accompanied by an adult. Children may not be left unaccompanied at any time in any part of the facility. This is for safety and insurance purposes.

Footwear – We ask that socks are to be worn at all times in classes and are for hygiene purposes.

Personal Hygiene – An acceptable level of personal hygiene is required to attend classes.

Etiquette -Members must maintain an acceptable level of social etiquette and behave appropriately towards staff and other members. Please treat others in a way you wish to be treated.

Facilities & Equipment – Members must use all the equipment and facilities with care and respect. It would be a shame for something to be broken and disrupt all our other members.

Pets – No Pets are allowed on site at any time this is for hygiene purposes.

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