COVID-19 Update

Updated on: 23rd June 2020

When are classes likely to resume?

On the 23rd June, the Government announced that despite some restrictions in the leisure and tourism industry being eased it is still not permitted for any indoor Health and Fitness facilities, like us, to re-open. We will continue to monitor all the Government’s advice and we will prepare to re-open for classes as soon as we possibly can. We are currently aiming to reopen on 31st August (subject to Government guidelines).

What is happening with Membership fees and prepaid classes?
We have temporarily paused all membership payments and all accumulated class credits will remain on your account, ready to be used when classes resume.

What’s happening to all the Chilli Pilates staff?
Thanks to the Government’s job retention scheme we have been able to retain all of our staff, and that is something we are extremely grateful for. We have also been able to unfurlough different members of the team intermittently so that they can work on improving our ‘at Home’ platform and continue to help you stay active and healthy while you are at home and unable to attend classes.


Since the closure of our studios we have been working hard behind the scenes to develop our ‘at Home’ platform.

This platform is designed to give subscribers access to a full range of online resources and information about how to improve, maintain and optimise your health and well-being while at home, including an online library of ‘at Home’ Pilates workouts.

We are extremely excited to announce that our LIVE online Pilates classes are now available to book, so you can join some of your favourite instructors for a 55 minute LIVE online Pilates class.




What happens to my Membership?

  • During the period of closure your membership payments will be temporarily paused and no further payments will be charged without your prior approval.
  • The expiry of your accumulated membership credits will be extended by a week for every week we are closed.

What happens to my Class Pack?

  • The expiry of all Class Pack credits will be extended a week for every week we are closed, so you will be able to use them as soon as classes are available again.

When will classes start again?

  • We hope to be open and running our classes again as soon as possible. We will continue to monitor all government advice, and as soon as it’s deemed safe to restart classes we will do.

What will happen to my existing class reservations?

  • All reservations during the closed period and up until early September have been cancelled automatically.
  • We have retained all reservations from early September, in the hope that we can reopen our studios then. If our reopening date is delayed beyond early September, we will cancel these reservations automatically.

How do I get access to the Chilli Pilates ‘at Home’ platform?

Can I still attend Personal Training & Therapy?

  • Based on the most recent government advice to stay closed, we have stopped all access to our studios and cancelled all Personal Training and Therapy sessions until further notice.

How do I contact Chilli Pilates?

  • We are currently experiencing a high volume of emails and phone calls, so please bear with us and we will endeavour to update all members with regular email updates addressing the common questions that are raised.
  • We kindly ask that you refer to these member updates for the necessary information, and please be aware that we may not respond to your personal query if the information has been provided in the member update.
  • For any other questions, please email us at and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Please bear in mind that our staff are furloughed so it may take us longer than usual to respond.


Thank you.

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