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Our Reformer Pilates class is a challenging yet balanced workout designed to strengthen and tone your body while improving your flexibility and suppleness.

It’s the ideal class for toning and shaping your body, while promoting great posture, encouraging better movement and preventing injury.

Why should you attend Reformer Pilates…

  • If you need to take better care of your body.
  • If you want to become stronger and more toned.
  • If your body feels tired and inflexible.

Class Features:

  • Full repertoire of Reformer Bed exercises.
  • Exercise progressions (& regressions) available.
  • Personalised instruction and hands-on corrections.





In our Rehab & Fundamentals class the instructor will be more focused on your technique to ensure that you perform each exercise correctly and safely, with extra support given to attendees who are new to Pilates or who are managing existing injuries.

Why should you attend Rehab & Fundamentals…

  • If you need some extra support learning the basics.
  • If you want to exercise, but are restricted by an injury or postural issue.
  • If you’re an experienced Pilates goer but would really like to improve your technique.

Class Features:

  • Adjusted repertoire of Reformer Bed Pilates exercises
  • Slower transition between exercises
  • More exercise regressions and alternatives
  • Personalised instruction and hands-on corrections.





Chilli Fitness combines cardio, resistance and body weight exercises in a circuit style workout designed to get you moving a little bit faster than in our Pilates classes.

The class is suitable for all fitness levels and all age groups, the fundamental principle is that you work at your own pace.

Why should you attend Chilli Fitness…

  • To add a cardio workout to your regular classes.
  • To learn new exercises using a variety of gym equipment.
  • To become more confident in your own body.
  • To lose weight.

Class Features:

  • Multi-station circuit style class
  • Full variety of gym equipment
  • Exercise progressions & regressions available to cater to all fitness levels.




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