Carried over classes

We always encourage our members to use their class credits on classes, but understand that sometimes you don’t always get the opportunity to use them all or catch up.

Your remaining Membership Credits from 2019 have been extended until 31st March 2020, giving an extra 3 months to squeeze them all in or use them in different ways.


For you:

Applications for Therapy and Personal Training sessions should be submitted by 15th March 2020 and redeemed by 31st March 2020.

More Classes
Use your credits to make another reoccurring class booking
1:1 Session
Exchange 4 class credits for 55mins 1:1 Session
  • A maximum of 8 credits (2x 55 mins) can be exchanged 1:1 Sessions.

For a Friend:

Add to a Gift Card
Gift your carried over classes to a friend or family member
Transfer to a Friend
Transfer your carried over classes directly to a friend's account.


  1. Carried over classes from 2019 are available for extra bookings in addition to your regular 2020 membership classes.
  2. All Carried over classes from 2019 will expire on the 31st March 2020.
  3. A maximum of 8 class credits (2 x 55 minutes) can be transferred to 121 private sessions. 55 Minutes = 4 credits.

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