Our PPE, Hygiene & Social Distancing measures:

How we will be keeping you safe in Studio:

At Chilli Pilates our first priority will always be the safety of our Members and the Chilli Team, we will therefore have to make some changes to the way our in-studio classes are delivered and introduce some new safety measures.


Instructors will be wearing visors: Every instructor will be wearing a protective visor while teaching.

Face masks are optional for attendees: As per government guidelines, we are not requiring members to wear face masks.

Cleaning & Hygiene

NEW wipeable hand straps: The handles on every Reformer Bed have been replaced with a wipeable alternative.

Anti-bacterial fogging: Every studio will be ‘fogged’ regularly with an anti-bacterial product (STERiZAR) which destroys 99% of all germs and bacteria, and creates a residual barrier on surfaces that continues to work for at least 30 days after each application.

Cleaning between classes: All classes will be reduced to 45mins to allow time to clean and wipe down all surfaces and equipment between classes.

All air conditioning switched off: To prevent the circulation of recycled air, all AC units will be switched off. We will increase ventilation by opening doors and windows wherever possible and weather permitting.

Social Distancing

Reduced class capacity to 8 and more space between Reformer Beds: All classes will be reduced to a maximum capacity of 8 and all Reformer Beds will be spaced further apart to create at least 1m distance between them.

No hands-on corrections: The instructors will only be giving verbal corrections in class

Changing spaces & Toilets: Although changing spaces will be closed our toilets will be available. Please arrive at the studio ready to attend class.

Traffic Control

All attendees must wait outside the studio until invited in by their instructor: The instructor will greet all attendees at the studio entrance 5mins before the class start time. Once they have taken your temperature you will be invited in and directed to your designated Reformer bed.

Temperature taken on arrival: Before entering the studio, your instructor will take your temperature using a non-contact temperature gun. If your temperature is above 37.8* you not be permitted access to the studio.

45min classes to minimise traffic: The shortened class time will minimise the cross-over of members between each class.

Separate Entrance & Exit to studio: If possible, you will be guided to leave the studio via an alternative exit points.



Not quite ready to return to classes in studio?

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