Toby Lynes - Instructor

About Toby

Toby is 20 years old and has been involved in sport from a very young age. This has influenced him to have a huge passion in health and fitness.

From this, Toby has completed his Advanced Level 3 Personal Training Qualification and also completed a degree in Sports Science at St Mary’s University, Twickenham.

Toby desired a new challenge and wanted to expand his knowledge, which has led him to Chilli Pilates. Toby is now a fully qualified Chilli Pilates Instructor.

Toby specialises in weight loss, weight management, nutrition, and improving muscle strength and tone. Toby takes great pride in ensuring his clients are provided with the most efficient training programme for their individual needs, and joins them in their journey to reaching their goals with motivation and enthusiasm.

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Toby's Blog

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