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Sean, originally from and educated in Harpenden, graduated with an Integrated Masters Degree from the renowned European School of Osteopathy. Sean has a strong sporting background having represented Hertfordshire Rugby, as well as being a keen golfer. He has a passion for music and plays the Highland Bagpipes and represented Scotland in the National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland. He is a father of two young girls who keep him on his toes!
His background and achievements have shaped his interest within osteopathy. He likes treating holistically and always applies a structured and multi faceted approach to each individual, on a case by case basis in order to; diagnose and treat effectively. Sean will also consider the mind and body link to your pain presentation and will always communicate what he thinks is causing your pain and how long it may to take resolve or how best to adapt to the problem. He has a diverse toolbox in terms of techniques, and can apply structural, visceral, functional and cranial approaches, but will always work with you to determine what is best suited to you and your ailments.  Sean is always looking to develop as a practitioner which is what inspired him to undertake a Part Time Masters in Sports Medicine, Exercise & Health. Studying at the prestigious UCL means he is exposed to some of the best Medical Professionals in the World, involved with and exposed to some of the latest medical research. This informs the way in which he practices using the latest evidenced based techniques and approaches to rehabilitation.
Sean is also certified in Medical Acupuncture.
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