Corina Murray - Instructor and Therapist

About Corina

Sports rehabilitation and helping clients get back to their full fitness after injury is one of Corina’s main interests. Being able to influence the body to return to its full functionality is very rewarding which is why she chose to become a Sports therapist. Corina has recently completed her 4 year University degree in Sports Therapy and gained a BSc qualification. She has worked on a 1:1 basis with many people and helped them overcome injuries. Within this course she also decided to complete her level 3 Personal trainer qualification and become an instructor in both indoor cycle and circuit training. One of her passions is to motivate people and give them a fun but challenging class that they will remember. Having both her personal trainer and sports therapy qualifications allows her to use exercises as a treatment method or even as injury prevention.

Corina has attended many Pilates classes in the past, however using the reformer beds is a completely different way of helping the body to move. This is a great way to help healthy bodies become stronger and more flexible which in turn will help to prevent injuries. Corina is hoping her knowledge of the body and the way it works will help everyone who attends chilli Pilates. Corina is a very easy going person who likes to work hard but enjoy the fun things in life which will hopefully bring enjoyment to all of her classes.

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