Ben Blane - Instructor

About Ben

Ben has been interested in health and fitness all his life; taking part in the football and athletics teams at school. After completing his level 3 personal training qualification Ben’s focus shifted towards Functional Based Training.

Movement is at the core of Ben’s training. He believes that efficient and controlled movements will serve you for the rest of your life. His passion lies in getting people to realise the importance of longevity when it comes to training.

“Train for the body you want in forty, fifty years’ time – adopt that mind set and you’ll’ enjoy your current training so much more”.

Ben is certified in many different HIIT styles of training, as well as the internationally recognised Animal Based style of ZUU Training. The human body is the most agile and adaptable on the planet, and we should embrace these natural movements that our body can do.

That’s what led Ben to Chilli Pilates. He wanted to push his knowledge and skill set to another level when it comes to movement, and Chilli Pilates is the perfect place for him to do so.

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Ben's Blog

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