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About Ann

Ann is a highly skilled health professional registered with the General Osteopathic Council who helps keep her clients fit and healthy with osteopathy (minimal clicking), acupuncture, soft tissue and pilates. Her techniques help with pain relief posture and quality of life.


Her expertise includes communication, diagnosis, medical reports skills, with Acupuncture, MET, Inhibition, Manipulation, Visceral (abdominal), Foot Biomechanics, TMJ, Pre & Post surgery rehabilitation, Massage, Pilates, Niel Asher shoulder technique and much more.


After suffering migraines and poor posture, Ann visited an Osteopath regularly for pain relief and posture alignment before deciding to retrain as one herself in 2000.  


She has been treating since 2002 and set up her business in 2007 and joined Chilli Pilates in 2011. A specialist in working with individuals with accessibility challenges, Ann has managed this work alongside her own business. She spent 3 years working with the Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre in Letchworth, and 5 years at Herts Action on Disability (HAD) in Welwyn Garden City and React (a charity for disabled benefits in Stevenage).

Qualifications include:

BSc (Hons) Osteopathy

Anatomy and Physiology, Acupuncture/Dry Needling, Visceral (abdomen), Naturopathy, Principles of Core Stability, Foot Biomechanics, Paediatrics, Sports Injuries,

Clinical studies: NHS Healthcare Centre, Haringey, London Hoxton Health Group, ST. Leonards, London and Swedish Massage Diploma (IIHHT)

Additional studies: pre- and post-natal, orthopaedics, small equipment


Contact details

07949 936534

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Ann's Blog

Why your knees are vital to your health

“Be kind to your knees, you’ll miss them when they are gone.” say the lyrics of the popular Baz Luhrmann […]

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