Aimee Martin - Instructor

About Aimee

With a lifelong background in dance and a passion for fitness, Aimee decided she wanted to further her knowledge in both by studying a BA (Hons) in Dance and Fitness at Buckinghamshire New University. It is here that she gained her REPS level 3 Personal Training qualification alongside completing her degree.

Studying both dance and fitness has helped her to understand that there is no right way to become fit and healthy and this is what has pushed her to become proficient in many different types of exercise as she aims to pass this knowledge onto her clients. She strives to learn how they can all be utilised together in order to help her clients achieve their goals and become fitter, healthier and happier versions of themselves. Becoming a Pilates instructor is another step in her journey to truly understanding the body and how these methods can help those she is training.

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Aimee's Blog

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